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More efficient food production methods

The world population is expanding rapidly. By the year 2050, the UN expects the world population to have expanded to a figure of more than 9 billion people. The need for more efficient food production methods is growing just as fast; food production that takes account of the scarce resources available on the planet. We stand firmly behind solutions in the horticultural industry directed at achieving greater yields, but then using less water and pesticides. Custom made grow light can definitely make a significant contribution.


Optimal use of space

Coupled with world population growth, consumption is also increasing exponentially. But consumption types are changing too. Increasing prosperity also means a greater demand for top-quality products like vegetables and flowers. These developments mean that you have to make optimal use of space. This involves redesigning the layout of existing areas, ensuring a higher yield per square metre – and providing as much light per square metre as possible. We see this as a challenge; one that can certainly be achieved – in every greenhouse, at all locations. After all, optimal lighting contributes towards achieving optimal yields.


Local products all year round

Taking account of the scarce resources available on the planet also means taking account of the distance food has to travel before reaching consumers. These are known as ‘food miles’. By lowering these, CO₂ emissions can be significantly reduced. What’s more, increasingly aware consumers want to know more and more about where food comes from. ‘Buy local’ is becoming an irreversible trend. Developments such as these are prompting calls for local, year-round production – in greenhouses across the globe. Using the custom made grow light we can ensure the year-round availability of products, irrespective of the weather or local circumstances.


Production in a protected environment

The demand for food safety is also an irreversible trend in food production. And it’s a hot topic. Consumer confidence is regularly tested by events where things have gone wrong or where regulations have been transgressed in relation to food safety. We believe that horticulture can play a leading role in matters concerning food safety. After all, horticulture provides the perfect means. In a protected environment circumstances can be controlled. This is a precondition for food safety. One such method involves a lighting plan specifically geared to the situation so as to create circumstances where the chances of error or illness are kept to an absolute minimum. As such, horticulture can carry responsibility in the area of food safety.


Health awareness

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware – in all areas, especially in relation to health. This directly effects what we choose to eat. Consumers want decent products that are both tasty and healthy for our body and spirit. Be aware of what you eat. And many people are prepared to pay a little more for this. As a result, eating patterns are changing and choices are made on the basis of food quality and food safety. The right light ensures the production of products of the highest quality, promoting healthier eating patterns.


A sustainable future

We must nurture the planet. We depend on it. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, in all sectors. Horticulture has the potential to make sustainable production possible. After all, horticulture offers one of the most efficient and sustainable food production methods: a higher yield per square metre coupled with less water consumption in a protected environment. This serves as a solid foundation for the future. For this reason, we always provide a custom made lighting concept based on the lowest rate of energy consumption in relation to the level of light requested, and mainly involving the use of sustainable material. This is how we work together to secure a sustainable future.


Developments directly affecting greenhouse horticulture include the rapidly expanding world population, greater consumption and increased prosperity. They raise issues about food miles, food safety, health and sustainability. Lionz Light can provide the answers. Answers specifically geared to your growing conditions. Light – not based on products but on solutions. Custom made solutions.


As a modern grower, you are constantly engaged in optimising your greenhouse horticulture business. By innovating and making well-considered investments. We would be happy to help you accomplish just that. So that by innovating responsibly, you will achieve growth as a grower, entrepreneur and business.

Innovation, adapted for use, objective and cultivation

Lionz Light is always on the lookout for new technologies, lighting methods and light sources – always focusing on climate, location, application, objective and cultivation. Only then can innovation generate tangible results. But we also focus on technologies capable of increasing the lifespan of the lamps. Examples here include the use of ceramic components in our lamps. For this reason, Lionz Light was selected by Philips to supply Philips components and grow lamps. The high standards maintained by Philips tie in seamlessly with the high level of technology upheld by Lionz Light.


Innovation ensures sector-wide renewal. But for this to bring improvements for you, it must be adapted for suitability. We devote ongoing attention to this aspect.

Invest in insight

Investment hinges on looking ahead. Not only looking at what a fitting costs, but considering the potential long-term gains. From ROI to TCO. Therefore generating optimal returns. At Lionz Light we help you to find the perfect balance. By joining forces to study which technologies best suit your growing conditions. By using less energy to generate more micromoles. And by keeping an eye on when you have earned back your investments.

In short, we provide you with insight to enable you to make the right decisions under all circumstances.


We understand that investments are preceded by careful consideration. That’s why we would be pleased to help you make responsible choices – focusing always on your return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Structured advice and approach

Growing conditions always differ. And so do all lighting concepts. That’s why – along with our fittings or fixtures and reflectors – our lighting concepts are always custom made. Geared specifically to your growing conditions and requirements. A lighting concept that takes account of optimal energy consumption. In five clear steps, we join forces with you to work towards the ideal lighting concept. A plan that ensures as much light per square metre as possible, generating the highest conceivable yields.

Custom made lighting concept: five steps

1. Personal discussion of grower’s requirements (intensity/parity)
2. Develop reflector and lighting concept
3. Test reflector
4. Definitive reflector design
5. Optimal yield


Increasing your yield begins with a carefully considered plan. That’s why we always create a custom made lighting concept, broken down into five clear steps for a structured approach.

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Custom made grow lights

Dimensions: 502 x 266 x 308 mm
Lamp: Philips GreenPower 1000W EL Plus 2100 µmol.s
Ballast: Philips HID Greenvision III 1000W
Current consumption: 1041 Watts
Power factor: > 0.97
RST connector: Wieland RST 20i3 16A I 3F
IP grade housing: IP 65
IP grade other: IP 23
Weight: 4.9 kg

We firmly believe that the best growing results are achieved using lights geared specifically to your growing circumstances: custom made grow light. This means an exclusive reflector design, application and light source for your company along with a personal lighting concept that takes account of optimal energy consumption.

  • Custom made reflector

  • Fixed bracket mounting for perfectly level installation

  • 100% Philips Electrical Components

  • Light fitting featuring ceramic components






We firmly believe that the best growing results are achieved using lights geared specifically to your growing circumstances: custom made grow light. This means an exclusive reflector design, application and light source for your company along with a personal lighting concept that takes account of optimal energy consumption.

  • Modular design

  • Easy installation

  • Custom Made LED solution

  • Optimal life


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